The secret ingredient
Cooking comes naturally to some, the rest of us need a little help with these clever tools that make it easier to multi-task.


Drawer Organisers

Whether you want to organise your plates, cutlery or that drawer that everything else goes in we have the solutions for you. All of our kitchens have the option for you to be as organised as your heart desires.

Pull Outs

There are so many different types of pull out cupboard solutions you can be sure that every inch or centimetre (depending on your preference) of storage space will be utilised. There will be no more dead space or units that you can't get to the back of.

Pull Out Larder

Now a staple of most kitchen designs these ingenious space savers can be used to solve a multitude of storage problems. You will be surprised at how little space you need to fit one of these larders in to your kitchen and conversely how much extra storage it will give you.

Integral Bins

Now that most, if not all, local authorities require us to separate our rubbish into categories there is a need for an integral and what's more hidden rubbish solution. It might seem a little thing but why spoil the clean lines or country feel of your new kitchen with an ugly bin when you can hide it away.


This innovative product enables useful and everyday items to be hidden from view. Options include: • Knife Box • Key Box • Spice Box • Chef Centre • Power Box • iDock Box • S-Box for iPad • TV Box

Sensio Pod

A great product for use in islands or breakfast bays, for use on small appliances for charging up your phone, laptop etc. Available in 3 finishes: • Chrome • Black Nickel • Stainless Steel