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The range of lighting offered by Tec is huge but lighting should not just be about the crystals on the chandelier there are other factors to consider.



There are four basic types of lighting that you can use to achieve the best lighting design in your home.

Ambient – Task – Accent – Decorative

Ambient – fills the undefined areas of the room with a soft level of general light enough for someone to see where they are going.

Task – is a bright light that illuminates the task area such as an area for food preparation or reading.

Accent – is similar to task lighting in that the light is directed but it is used to focus on features or provide drama in your decorated space.

Decorative – can cover all of the previous types of lighting but the source of the light is a feature in itself and a chandelier is the perfect example of this.

One of the most basic rules is to put the light where you need it but you should also think about the harmony of the light in the room so that you have attractive, flowing and balanced light sources.

At Tec we have lighting of every type and our 300 page lighting brochure includes a huge range of decorative lighting, pendant, spotlights, wall, floor and outdoor ranges. Follow this link LIGHTING to our Tec-Supplies website to request a copy of our brochure.

Alternatively you can come in and talk to one or our experts who can help you plan a whole lighting system as described in a previous post where we installed a Lutron Graffic Eye Lighting System. Our customer used a mixture of downlights, pendants, decorative chandeliers and table lights and controlled the settings with the Lutron system.

Whether you need a single light or a lighting system for your home Tec can assist you, call us on 01621 850115.