Artelinea are based in Florence, Italy and it no surprise that their furniture is so design led and simply beautiful.

The difference with the Artelinea brand is their choice of materials, known for their unique use of glass rather than cermanic finishes and beautiful woods these are sophisticated high-end designs and materials.

The road to the company Artlinea began in 1956 when the founder began an apprenticeship in a glassware company. Still family owned, Artelinea are reknowned for their developments within the glass industry. Their seamless sinks and coloured glass make their products stand out in the bathroom furniture industry.

They have continued to expand their products and now also offer crystal covered furniture. Their work with well-known designers means that they are able to export their design styles throughout the world.

The Artlinea ranges include both traditional and contemporary styles and are definitely not your average bathroom furniture. Come and see the examples we have on display in our wonderful showrooms.

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