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Granite Worktop

Choosing your granite worktop can be an exciting part of choosing your kitchen. Previously we have posted about work surfaces and the number of choices you have but our kitchen designers have recently had the opportunity to take a client direct to our granite suppliers so that they could choose their own individual piece of granite.

Granite is a naturally occurring stone that forms as lava cools and solidifies. It is quarried all over the world and the colours and patterns directly relate to the location of the quarries it is mined from. India, USA, Brazil and Italy are all countries known for their beautiful granite and we are able to offer selections from all over the world. Whites, browns and blacks are the colours you might expect from a naturally occurring material but granite can be colourful and vibrant with reds, greens and blues too.


Our client is having a feature island in their new build kitchen and have specifically requested we find them a special piece of granite. The easiest thing to do in this case is to take the client to our supplier and let them, with our help and advice of course, make the choice themselves.

“When our clients request it we can go direct to our suppliers to choose an individual piece of granite. So we took a trip out with some door and other furnishing samples for colour matching so that we could make the choice directly relating to the finished kitchen.

When choosing your worktops, whatever the surface, the colours you choose are very important. Contrasting or blending in with your overall colour scheme, it’s a choice you should be able to live with for the life of your kitchen. A granite work surface can also vary in pattern and colour within itself and whilst you might love the pattern in one area you may not be so keen in another.




Taking our clients directly to our suppliers means that they can view a number of options and make their choice for their granite worktop with the actual granite slabs in front of them.


If you would like some advice on worktops and design contact Phil and Julie on 01621 850115.