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Wet Room

What is a wet room and why should you have one?  Effectively in a wet room rather than have an enclosed shower cubicle the room itself acts as the enclosure.  This means that the room has to be waterproofed to prevent leaks and have tiles floor to ceiling.

In reality the best room to make into a true wet room is a small en suite or second bathroom.  It’s important to remember that although ‘you’ might never take a bath you could be making your house more difficult to sell if you remove all baths from the house.   Losing the shower enclosure means that you will free up a great deal of space but make sure your designer takes into account the location of your towels and loo roll holder as you don’t want them to get wet!

This customer wanted a statement room and our bathroom designers really delivered.


 Strictly speaking this is not a room that has lost the shower enclosure, can you see it?

 This clever unit by Duravit  from the Space shower enclosure range opens out to reveal an Aqualisa ilux digital shower.




It’s important to have a wall mounted toilet and vanity unit in a wet room as you don’t want to have anywhere that water can collect.  Another tip is to have underfloor heating if you can as it is a really effective way to dry out the room.  The angles in this room were difficult to photograph to get the feel of the whole room as it was quite square but we hope that you can see what a gorgeous room it is and what a great job our bathroom designers have done.


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