Charles Yorke

Handcrafted Furniture of Distinction
We are proud to be able to partner with Charles Yorke and offer their handcrafted kitchen furniture of distinction.

The Charles Yorke range is known for being high quality with unparalled attention to detail, which is exactly why we have chosen to work with this brand at Tec-Lifestyle. All of the Charles Yorke kitchen furniture we have to offer has been highly engineered with extra luxury and quality, giving a classy touch to your home.

What We Provide

Handcrafted to perfection, Charles Yorke produced all of their furniture by hand at their factory in Kirkby using locally sourced FSC approved materials. Their cabinets are available in a broad range of woods depending on your taste and style and include silvery maple to dark chocolate walnut and honey coloured oak and elm.

As well as natural woods Charles Yorke also offers a hand painted finish and a gorgeous high gloss cabinet. The high gloss finish is achieved with the same attention to detail as everything else Charles Yorke does and we have it on great authority that the craftsman that produces them also produces dashboards for Bentley Cars!

We have a beautiful Charles Yorke Edwardian Kitchen with American Oak and hand painted cabinetry at our showrooms in Maldon. There is nothing to beat seeing the traditional features for yourself, in a simple design that creates a truly classical and timeless look.

Our designers understand that you are investing not only money but also your time and emotions into home improvement and that it can have a direct impact on your day to day life. This is why our aim is to make the whole experience an enjoyable and memorable one for each customer and why we only partner with manufacturers of the highest calibre within the industry like Charles Yorke.

Once you have looked at the Charles Yorke ranges we offer please take some time to look at our Projects page where you will be able to see completed customer kitchens from all our ranges.