Just cookerhoods
Falmec was founded in Northern Italy by brothers Danilo and Maurizio, with one brother a designer and the other an engineer theirs was the perfect partnership for design and function.


The Falmec range offers stunning feature cooker hoods that can really be a talking point of your kitchen as well as more discreet solutions.  Precision manufacturing and attention to detail means your extractor won't just perform especially well it will look gorgeous too.

There are 5 types of cooker hood on offer wall mounted, island, down draught, ceiling and integrated.  Most cooker hoods offer ducted extraction and recirculation of air so if you are not able to position near to an outside wall you can be assured that the air is still cleaned.

Falmec offer two types of extractor system the first is their E.ion® technology for air purification.  This system restores and stabilises the optimum ionic balance in the air by generating ions as it cleans.  

These ions absorb the pollutants and odours to give you up to a 95% decrease in odour and you will know when the air is clean as the leaf indicator turns from yellow to green.

The more traditional systems of ducted extraction also have charcoal filters enabling them to be used to recirculate the air too and there is also the Noise Reduction System® if noise is an issue for you.

We have an island version of the Prestige hood above, a real statement piece, in our showrooms as well as a the gorgeous Elektra hood, detail image below.

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