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Utility Rooms

Do you have a utility room?  They seem to be something that most modern homes have and a room that more space and consideration is given to in new builds and conversions.

So what’s in your utility room – washing machine, tumble dryer, ironing board and all the paraphernalia of domestic chores.  As the kitchen is fast becoming a part of our living space, rather than just a room to cook in, we are putting the functional elements into our utility rooms out of sight.

Out of sight however doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put some planning into your utility rooms and make it a space that really works for you.  In our showroom we have a utility setup with the genius idea of the washing machine and tumble dryer doors at waist height so no more bending over to unload.  Add to that slide out drawers underneath the machines to take a laundry basket and you have a perfect set up for the modern home!


 Large drawers underneath provide the perfect space for washing powder and softeners too.


This clever sink setup gives you added counter surface when the sink is not in use (useful for smaller kitchens too).


This recently finished customers utility room uses the same finish as their kitchens and has been built using space from the garage.


This utility room just about has it all and in reality is bigger than a lot of kitchens!  It is purpose built for the job in the basement of a new build with extra storage and another larder fridge which for the larger family is a godsend.




Sorry if this post has made you have utility room envy but you know what to do about it – come on down to our showrooms in Maldon and speak to our designers about making the best of your space.