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Pull Out Larders

Pull Out Larders are a part of even the smallest kitchen design and there is a very good reason for this – they maximise storage space.  We have examples of a few of the different types in our showrooms in Maldon as well as those we have fitted into completed installations.

The most popular of the pull out larders is the ‘tall pullout’ – no sexy names here, purely functional!  As you can see from the images below, all from existing customer designs, they make good use of space within a bank of wall of units.




Pull out larders and cupboards don’t just cover this one style there are many variations on the theme.  This larder is a ‘cranked pull out’ which really maximises the space in this area.


We have previously posted on integral bins so here are some installed.


Integral larder pullouts use what used to be dead space in corners and other awkward to reach spaces and the large drawer pullouts can be used for cutlery, plates and basically anything you don’t want on display.  There is definitely a trend towards less clutter in kitchen design and not just in the minimalist styles.


There are 2 trays either side of the oven in this design and in the one below smaller pullouts for storage of those smaller bit & pieces.


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