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Sub-Zero Wolf HQ

We were thrilled to be able to take a visit to the hugely prestigious Sub-Zero Wolf HQ which is less than 3 miles from us in Maldon.  When you step inside you are transported in to what they term their ‘Living Kitchen’ an area showcasing all of their products and offering ‘Try Before You Buy’ Cookery Demonstrations.  Although their flagship showroom is in the heart of Knightsbridge for those of us in the east of England this facility is a real bonus.

When you walk in there are 2 things you see first, the impressive bar area to the right and the top of the range Sub-Zero PRO48 side by side refrigerator freezer with glass door.  This is a serious piece of kit and aimed at the professional market with stainless steel inside and out.  These showrooms simply ooze class and to be honest at this end of the market that is exactly what one would expect.

subzero hq

We were met by Juliette the PR manager and her welcome and product knowledge were exemplary.  She showed us the picture of Westye F. Bakke on his Harley Davison and gave us a run down of the history of Sub-Zero.


Sub-Zero began in 1943 when Westye (what a name!) built the first free standing freezer in the basement of his home in Madison, Wisconsin.  Ultimately he was a businessman with the foresight to see the post war market for refrigeration trends that took his company from its very modest beginnings to being the recognised leading manufacturer of premium built-in home refrigeration in the world.  Pretty much every time you watch a Hollywood movie, or indeed a cookery show on British TV, there will be a Sub-Zero Wolf appliance making an appearance.  They are established as the go to manufacturer for prestige and quality and this is not just because of the price tag.  There is no doubt that this is a premium product but one that we are proud to offer our customers.  An appliance that deserves a mention when selling your home as it adds value and the ultimate perception that your kitchen is a premium installation is a wise investment piece.  Having said that if after owning a product from Sub-Zero Wolf you decide to take it with you when you move house they offer a removal and re-installation service unprecedented in this market.

There are a great many sizes and configurations you can have of the fridge, freezer and wine cooler combinations so we will just share a few images from the showroom because if you are considering a product from Sub-Zero Wolf then you really need to come and see us to see the products we have in our showrooms and we’ll make an appointment to take to you to their HQ so that you can experience the complete range and ‘Try Before You Buy’.


As you turn into the showroom, past the well stocked bar, there is what can only be called ‘the wall of cool’, an L shape of refrigeration, freezing and ovens.  The first section comprises the Sub-Zero ICBBI-36F all freezer, Sub-Zero ICB-WS30 wine storage and theSub-Zero ICBBI-36R all fridge.  The iconic grill above ties all the parts together and is actually access to all the servicing elements of the appliances meaning that once installed you do not have pull them out to access any areas. Once opened up you can see the vast internal storage offered and cleverly Sub-Zero fill their freezers with vodka and ice-cream, their wine storage with red and white wine AND champagne and their fridges with soft drinks, fruit, vegetables and beer.  Why anyone ever leaves this showroom is beyond us!




There are no fake fruit or vegetables in the Sub-Zero fridges as one of the key selling points are the crispers and deli drawers which are strategically located near the evaporator to maintain temperatures a few degrees cooler than the rest of the unit, the drawers are also sealed to lock in humidity and freshness.

The wall of cool!


In the middle of the wall of cool is a bank of ovens, all so shiny and new you can see our feet in the oven door!


Just as with the fridge freezer combinations you can have sleek seemingly handle-less to fit in with the more minimalist kitchen or the more traditional – although having said that there is nothing traditional about these appliances other than Sub-Zero Wolf’s traditional high standards and attention to detail.  The ovens are huge and have state of the art technology for cooking evenly and efficiently.   There is a recently introduced coffee maker too so that you can have all of your appliances from the same manufacturer something that is an important design feature for most people.



Honestly there are SO many features and configurations the flexibility of your set up is totally your decision and the beauty of the “Try Before You Buy’ sessions is that you can get a real feel for how they could work for you.

Juliette pointed out a few of the features that Sub-Zero Wolf had brought in in response to customer feed back and they were all spot on.  Because of the strong design led kitchens we have now (functional and beautiful) islands in front of galley runs are a popular feature.  This however posed a problem for the larger Sub-Zero fridges as their doors are so wide and could not be fully opened without snagging on an island, unless the layout in question was huge of course.  To combat this problem a split door more commonly seen on a larger fridge freezer combination was rolled out – problem solved.


With this side by side view you can really see the difference in the clearance needed for the split doors.


Similarly they have introduced a smaller cooker based on their eponymous ranges called ‘the baby’ (although not it’s official name) which caters for a smaller layout but doesn’t compromise on quality.


As you can see it still has the cobalt blue porcelain inside, the optional red control knobs and the hydraulic dampened soft close doors so strong that you pull out your roast beef (other joints are available) resting your oven tray on the door to baste it.

Of course there are also hobs available and a gorgeous work top extractor, in fact practically everything you can have on a range.


As part of our tour Juliette took us upstairs to the heart of the HQ and it was just a reinforcement of how much detail this company goes into –  it looks like it was designed by Ralph Lauren and has a wall of files featuring a Stars and Stripes and Union Jack design giving more than a nod to the origins of the company but leaving you in no doubt that we are in the UK.


There can be no doubt that at the Sub-Zero Wolf HQ you are getting to see the best quality, best designed and let’s face it iconic kitchen appliances in the world.  If it’s on your doorstep and you have the opportunity to try before you buy then it’s a no brainer really.

One last thing, to maintain the sleek finish of the doors the ice and water dispensers are on the inside – genius!


Contact Phil or Julie on 01621 850115 for further information.