Quality made in Germany for over 100 years
Pelipal Bathroom furniture is precision manufactured in Germany to the highest standards, it is a brand that we offer for its quality, design and flexibility.

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The innovative designs offer curved units not seen with the majority of manufacturers and with well over 100 years of quality furniture manufacture behind Pelipal they offer convincing quality, consistency in function and modern designs that keep pace with ever changing design trends.

Pelipal furniture is made using laser technology resulting in edges without open joints that look perfect, giving you great style and durability.  With cutting edge fittings too the movement quality and absolutely silent shutting of doors and drawers is guaranteed.

Pelipal also pride themselves on independently tested brand quality and are registered with the German Quality Furniture Association who only recognise furniture that is ‘stable, safe, durable and well made’.

The range of products is huge and you really are best taking advice from one of our bathroom designers so whether you are looking for a new cloakroom or a complete bathroom refit then this range will have something for you.  Our inspiring bathroom sets at our Maldon showrooms will give you ideas and inspiration as well as an opportunity to be hands on with the products.

Contact our team on 01621 878488 or come into the showroom for more details.


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