Food is art Preserve it
Sub Zero has for over 60 years offered innovative, aesthetically appealing and technically advanced solutions for home refrigeration needs.

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A recognised industry leader Sub-Zero is the choice of the professional as well as the discerning home owner.

As with their Wolf ovens Sub-Zero is the choice of the professional chef and and restauranteur in their own home, James Martin, Simon Rimmer and Jamie Oliver to name a few.

Sub-Zero's innovative 'Air Purification' system was originally developed for NASA to aid food preservation.  It removes harmful gases and odours which in turn prolong the freshness of the food and interior of the refrigerator.  

The Dual Compressor system, a feature unique to Sub-Zero, enables each compartment to operate independently meaning that odour and flavour transference is prevented.  It also prevents temperature fluctuations and saves valuable energy.

Sub-Zero wine storage is far more than just a wine chiller.  It will protect your wine from light, heat, humidity and vibration.  Independent temperature zones, sealed and digitally controlled, allow you to maintain perfect cellar and serving conditions in the same unit.  The ultra-violet glass panels filter out harmful rays that can cause premature ageing and the quiet compressor lets your wine rest undisturbed.  As you would expect from Sub-Zero you can combine your wine storage into your other refrigeration needs as seen below, truly a gorgeous and dare we say it sexy set up.

We have a selection of products in our showrooms in Maldon but also have access, by appointment, to Sub-Zero's amazing showrooms so that you can make your selections from their wonderful collections.

Contact our team on 01621 878488 or come into the showroom for more details.