For homes across Ingatestone, our German luxury kitchen line offers modern fitted kitchens that meet the highest quality, practicality, durability, and design standards. As more of us incorporate kitchens into our main living space, the ability of your final kitchen design to blend in with the overall aesthetic of your home becomes increasingly essential. At Tec Lifestyle we can provide you with a tailor-made, unique, luxury kitchen with a wide choice of door finishes, cupboard widths and heights, which are available to view at our magnificent kitchen showroom in Maldon, Essex.


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The ultimate classic

Classy black meets carefree white in this kitchen. The contrast of black and white is evocative of fashion pioneer Coco Chanel, who saw black and white as the ideal combination for ageless beauty and style consciousness. Furthermore, our Toronto kitchen has enough of storage space to handle all of your kitchen necessities. The smallest possible spacing between separate cabinets and and pull-outs all aid the visual harmony of the starkly different coloured surfaces.

A dream in black and white

Our Granada kitchen’s open design invites you to linger. The marbled surface of the island provides more room for chopping, frying, and braising. The open shelf pieces add a light touch to the kitchen and complement the panel fronts well. Granada is an open, traditional country-style kitchen with a modern twist. The overhanging table with wood finish establishes a high tone.

The open design of our Granada kitchen invites you to linger. The island solution offers additional space for cutting, frying and braising on the marbled worktop. Open shelving elements lend the kitchen a touch of lightness and harmonise perfectly with the panel fronts. Granada is an open, authentic kitchen in country-house style with contemporary chic. The wood-finished overhanging table is a focal point and easily accommodates two people for a quick meal or a refreshing drink

Plenty of space for generous storage

Simple storage for daily essentials. The tall cabinets are highly adaptable, serving as a storage or crockery cupboard, drinks cabinet, a cleaning chemical and equipment locker, or a variety of other functions. The changeable clip-on shelves with fixed bases and metal hinges allow for unique configuration of the various dividers based on your personal requirements.

Bringing the country to the city

A fresh take on a rural style. Our Modern Country kitchen collection transports you to the rural countryside. Delicate pastel colours, natural materials, and playful designs create a world of cosy kitchen comfort. The panels, sash bar windows, decorative cornice profiles, and rustic knobs complement this look, allowing for the perfect retreat for the whole family that you can call home.

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