The Latitude Collection

Designed for living.

We always follow the latest news and trends in the world of kitchens.

Our designs are based on the understanding that a bespoke kitchen must meet certain expectations, and so we always ensure that functionality and visual appearance are at the forefront of our minds when designing kitchens, and our customers’ needs are absolutely paramount.

Luxury bespoke kitchens allow you to showcase your stylistic flair, individuality, and impeccable taste in interiors

Consistent craftsmanship, innovative features, and an unfailing attention to detail.

The Latitude Collection is a unique blend of handleless furniture brimming with creative options, innovative material, and storage ideas. Each kitchen is hand-built to order, incorporating materials and technical components sourced from the finest suppliers. Our designers ensure that each feature is individually crafted to suit your lifestyle and personality

This exquisite collection is created with the intention for these kitchens to suit any home, anywhere, whether it be in an apartment, terrace, or large family home, and in either an urban or rural setting.

The marble inspired quartz surfaces team harmoniously with the designs for a contemporary theme, designed to inspire creativity for a contemporary ambience in kitchen design, from cool and architectural themes to warm and homely tones.

Our carefully considered storage solutions are designed without constraint, underpinned by bespoke manufacturing facilities. The wealth of creative possibilities perfectly and unobtrusively integrate modern kitchen furniture with your home’s architecture, to design a versatile contemporary feature of your home that can serve as a room for you and your family to relax, entertain, cook, eat, and live in.

Whether you’re seeking a strong contrast creating exciting interior designs, or a relaxing, minimalistic language of pure form in furniture elements, the focus of our Latitude Collection is not on decoration but instead sensitively selected colours and textures. Our designers create accents with open shelving, dovetailed drawers, and exotic veneers, integrating architectural features, appliances, and seating for a soothing balance.

Our showroom in Maldon houses a selection of our popular kitchen styles, so you can see the high quality of our workmanship for yourself and the bespoke options we offer, allowing you to experience contemporary living at the heart of your home. Call or email to make an appointment or visit Tec Lifestyle today!

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